Top Considerations When Choosing a Window Installation Method

March 14th, 2019 by

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When replacing windows, many homeowners assume that the installation process to be used is the insert method. This method involves changing the old units with the new ones while leaving the frame openings untouched.

But this isn’t always the case. The insert window replacement method doesn’t make sense in every situation. In some occasions, the full-frame method is necessary.

How does Renewal by Andersen® of Portland figure out which installation method to use in every project? We consider these factors:

Structural Integrity of Existing Construction

The use of the insert method is viable as long as the old frame and sill are still solid, square and in good condition. In this window replacement method, the trim and casing stay in place.

But when the existing construction is no longer structurally sound, the full-frame replacement method is the better choice. Putting ENERGY STAR®–certified windows in damaged frame openings will result in chronic air leakage, which will waste energy.

Feasibility of Using the Insert Method

Even when the frame opening is in good shape, it has to be removed when the insert can’t be used without damaging anything. Renewal by Andersen of Portland’s professionals have the trained eye to determine if a frame opening is a good candidate for insert window installation.

Building Code Compliance

Even if your existing window framing is free of damage, it still needs to be removed if the fire egress code demands a larger opening. If you hire an installer who isn’t knowledgeable about the specific window size your local fire egress code dictates, you’ll experience a lot of hassle. The inspector will force you to redo everything, which may double your expenses.

Our project technicians are familiar with the latest building requirements. Since we’ll measure everything twice before custom-building your replacement windows, expect our crew will carry out the suitable installation method seamlessly.

Entrust your window project to Renewal by Andersen of Portland to ensure that your replacement units will be installed the right way. Call us at (503) 419-3960 to set up your FREE consultation. We serve Portland and Salem, OR, and the surrounding communities.