Understanding Renewal by Andersen® Patio Door Locks

March 20th, 2019 by

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Patio doors are a favorite entry point for burglars. Basic units, especially sliding systems, usually have basic locks, making them an easy target for intrusion.

At Renewal by Andersen® of Portland, we put a lot of thought into the design of our locking mechanisms. In addition to an exterior lock, which is a standard element of all of our patio doors, learn about the other security features we use below.

Five-Point Locking System

Our Frenchwood® patio door systems can be locked in multiple points. When the active door’s handle is lifted, the action releases two hooks that grab to the top and the bottom of the passive panel. And when the passive door’s handle is lifted, two pins stick out over one inch into the header and the threshold. Renewal by Andersen of Portland guarantees that, when all five locks are activated, this door is practically impossible to jimmy.

Reach-Out Locking System

If you choose any of our sliding models for your door installation, you’ll get our unique reach-out locking mechanism. When activated, the lock releases a hook that pulls the operating panel into the jamb tightly.

Auxiliary Foot Lock

To add another dimension of security to the sliding Frenchwood, Narroline® or Perma-Shield® patio door, this hardware does the job effectively. When activated, this optional feature locks the active panel at the bottom. Our auxiliary foot lock can also hold the door partially open for ventilation while limiting access.

Like the hardware of our replacement windows, the locks our doors are warranted to be free from material, manufacturing and workmanship defects for 10 years. You can easily maintain all our door locking systems with a dry lubricant.

To learn more about the anatomy of Renewal by Andersen of Portland’s different patio door systems, call (503) 419-3960 now to arrange your FREE consultation. We serve Portland, Wilsonville and the surrounding areas.