Sliding Door Cleaning and Maintenance Tips to Consider

February 26th, 2020 by

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High-quality sliding patio doors offer a sleek aesthetic and effortless operation, making them a popular choice among homeowners. However, like any exterior component of your home, they need some routine maintenance and cleaning to continue operating properly and looking their best.


Today, Renewal by Andersen® of Portland, your local source of replacement windows and doors, provides easy maintenance tips for your sliding patio doors.

Cleaning the Glass

The glass of your sliding doors can collect dust and dirt over time. Perform regular surface cleaning using a soft, clean cloth and a mild, soapy water solution. Do this as soon as you notice a stain or blemish, which can become harder to remove the longer they stay on the glass surface. Afterward, wipe the door with a dry cloth. Also, make sure you open and close the doors gently to avoid damaging the tracks and the glass area.

Track Cleaning and Lubrication

Rust and grime on the tracks can prevent rollers from gliding smoothly, making it hard to open and close the doors. Be sure to clean the rollers and the tracks more often, especially since they are exposed to the elements. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris. For stubborn dirt, an old toothbrush plus a cleaning solution should do the trick—just as with sliding replacement windows. After cleaning, apply lubricant on the tracks to prevent rust buildup.

Sliding Patio Door Inspection

Perform regular inspections on your sliding patio doors. Check for any misalignment or difficulty in operation. Addressing even minor issues promptly can help prevent bigger problems later on. If problems persist despite maintenance, it could be due to installation problems. Should that be the case, hire a reputable professional for assistance.

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