3 Windows That Pair Well With Picture Windows

December 11th, 2018 by

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Although picture windows are inoperable, they’re a great choice as a decorative element or focal point for the room, or as a means of bringing more light into the room or framing a lovely outdoor view. What many homeowners don’t know is that they combine well with other window types.

3 Windows That Pair Well With Picture Windows

Renewal by Andersen® of Portland, your window replacement expert, shares the top three windows that pair well with picture windows.

Awning Windows

The picture-awning combination is a common feature in many contemporary and ultra-modern homes. This combination is basically a picture window with a smaller, operable sash at the top that’s separated by the frames.

On its own, a picture window is static and only provides daylighting and exterior views. The smaller awning window gives it more utility, allowing some fresh air into the room.

Double-Hung Windows

As the quintessential replacement windows for many homes, it’s not uncommon for these windows to be paired with picture windows – especially for the front of the house. The picture window itself adds a decorative element to the otherwise function-centered window.

Picture-casement combination windows are a good alternative if you want more ventilation. While the double-hung window design has this function as well, casement windows can catch side breezes since they swing open to the side instead of sliding up and down like a double-hung window.

Bay Windows

Although bay windows already incorporate other window styles into their basic design, they’re usually operable types such as casement and double-hung windows. Picture windows, however, are a perfectly viable — if a bit rare — choice for bay windows. While they won’t provide the same utility, they can enhance your window by providing the room with unobstructed exterior views.

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