A Mark of Integrity in Contractors: The BBB Accreditation

June 15th, 2019 by

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Integrity is a quality a lot of homeowners look for in a contractor, but how can you be sure a contractor possesses this quality? Reputation is one good measure, but it’s a subjective one. Fortunately, there is one certification that can give you a good idea—accreditation from the BBB. 

Renewal by Andersen® of Portland, the state’s go-to company for replacement windows, lists some of the standards for BBB accreditation and elaborates on what this means for you as a customer below. 

Honest Advertisements 

It can be quite frustrating to get excited at an ad offering a great deal or a freebie only to find out various conditions apply. Such ads mislead customers and make it hard for businesses to build trust between them. This is why the BBB has laid out strict guidelines on advertising. 

To keep their BBB accreditation, contractors are required to abide by the BBB Code of Advertising and submit proof of their adherence to standards. This means they can’t make any misleading ads or claims. 

Full Disclosure of Contract Details 

At the heart of misleading advertisements is the issue of withholding vital info from the customer. Technically, companies aren’t lying; they just left out a few details, albeit crucial ones. 

With a BBB-accredited contractor, however, you won’t have to worry about a lack of information; accredited contractors are obliged to inform their customers about all the details of a contract as well as any conditions that come with a deal. 

Responsive Customer Service 

Ever encountered issues with your newly bought replacement windows, only to face an uphill battle in getting the customer service team to do anything about it? BBB-accredited contractors are required to respond to any customer complaints promptly, professionally and in an appropriate manner. 

Productive Collaborations 

At the end of the day, BBB-accredited contractors care about building trust with their customers. If you happen to be looking for new replacement windows, why not give Renewal by Andersen of Portland a try? 

We’re an award-winning contractor with an A-plus accreditation from the BBB. We specialize in window replacement services. For inquiries, call us at 503-419-3960 or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Salem, Lake Oswego and Portland, OR.