Best Ways to Improve Bad Outdoor Views

February 29th, 2020 by

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Not all homeowners are lucky to have a picturesque view from their home. Some are stuck with an unwanted peek of someone’s poorly maintained backyard, a plain fence or AC units from an adjacent building.

If you have an ugly view, you don’t have to close your openings with blinds or curtains. Let Renewal by Andersen® of Portland, your local window and door installation experts fill you in on the best ways to improve bad outdoor views.

Decorate With Indoor Plants

Place your favorite potted indoor plants on top of a table standing against your window. Consider aloe vera, jade plant, or snake plant, especially if the window in question admits plenty of sunlight. If you have forest-inspired windows, hanging plants might be a good addition. If you have space in front of the window’s exterior, you can plant mature trees to conceal the bad vista. Bamboo and trellis are great choices.

Add Mirrors

Installing a mirror beside your windows or patio doors is a great way to divert your attention from the less desirable sights. Angle them properly so that they reflect a feature that stands out in your interior, such as a beautiful painting, an intricate tapestry or a row of indoor plants.

Hang Curtains

If natural lighting in your home is important to you, consider sheer white curtains to go with your decorative curtains. You can keep them closed to conceal the outside scenery but still enjoy natural lighting.

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