Child-Proofing Your Windows

April 3rd, 2019 by

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At Renewal by Andersen® of Portland, our replacement windows are not just beautiful, durable and energy efficient, they are also extremely safe. In today’s post, we share some safety tips to help keep your home and your windows accident-free for your children.

Open Windows

All parents quickly learn that kids can get into all sorts of trouble. They could be quietly playing with their toys one moment and then suddenly climbing up the banisters the next. Keeping your windows open is a great way to let some fresh air into your home, but doing so can also pose a falling risk for unsupervised children. Window ledges and sills can make tempting climbing spots for adventurous tots, which could potentially lead to disaster.

Safer Window Choices

Our experts recommend keeping windows closed off to prevent any accidents involving children climbing up the window sills and falling. If you still want to ventilate your room, consider a double-hung window replacement. You can keep the bottom half shut off while still allowing air to come in through the top half. Casement windows with a reverse vertical hinge can also discourage climbing without sacrificing natural air.

Window Accessories

One of our biggest strengths at Renewal by Andersen of Portland is our commitment to helping you find the right windows for your home. This is thanks in no small part to our customization process, which allows our customers to personalize every part of their replacement window.

Perhaps the safest customized accessory you can add to your window replacement is our grilles. These sturdy stainless steel support beams can come in a wide variety of patterns and colors to complement any style and also give your windows an added layer of protection.

At Renewal by Andersen of Portland, we are your leading provider of customized replacement window products. Give us a call at (503) 419-3960 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free in-home design consultation and request a no-obligation estimate today. We serve homeowners in Salem and Portland, OR.