Fibrex® Part 2: Advantages Over Wood and Vinyl

March 22nd, 2019 by

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In the previous installation of this two-part blog, we discussed the benefits of our replacement windows made Fibrex® material frames, particularly the durable, factory-applied colors and finishes. In this next installment, we discuss how our Fibrex material frames fare against wood and vinyl.

Wood and Vinyl

We touched upon the inadequacies of wood and vinyl as window frame materials in the previous blog. Wood is a classic, all-purpose building material, and remains one of the more popular options for window frames. It has natural insulation, is durable and can be made into any shape without using complicated tools. Vinyl is a polymer (a type of plastic) that is favored for its low-maintenance nature and many color options.

Homeowners are often left with no alternative between wood and vinyl as window replacement options. The problem is both options require some compromise. Wood frames are aesthetically pleasing and durable, but require frequent maintenance and might warp and crack when exposed to extreme temperature changes. Vinyl, on the other hand, relies on an insulated core for insulation. It can also warp when exposed to heat.

Fibrex Material

These shortcomings are what prompted our parent company, Andersen® Corporation, to rethink what materials should be used as window frames. The goal was to come up with a window frame material that has the strength and durability of wood and the low-maintenance qualities of vinyl. The same material should also be malleable enough to create unique profiles and styles to accommodate easy customization. We wanted to design a material with inherent insulation so we could construct lighter, slimmer frames.

Most importantly, we wanted the material to be built from sustainable sources, and this is the part of the manufacturing process that we’re most proud of. The wood fibers used the construction of Fibrex are sourced from Andersen Corporation’s woodworking facilities. These are discarded pieces of wood that would otherwise have been thrown out. In addition to having all of the aforementioned features, each Renewal by Andersen replacement window contains at least 40% recycled content.

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