How to Keep Cool at Home Without an Air Conditioner

August 15th, 2019 by

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Keeping cool is integral to staying comfortable, especially during the summer months. Unfortunately, continued air conditioner use can make your energy bills spike, potentially making you lose your cool. Fortunately, it’s possible to keep a cool home without turning on the AC. Here are some ways:

  • Open Your Windows – This will help you create a cross breeze that not only lets in cool, fresh air but also drives out warm, stale air. The key is to figure out the direction the wind blows through your home. Open windows in the path of the breeze to encourage air flow into your home. Planning a window replacement? Get casement windows that can be angled to direct breezes into your home to let you harness the full benefits of a cross breeze.

  • Take Advantage of Greenery – You can design your landscaping so that plants and trees to provide shade for your home. Take note that shrubs and vines on the south- and west-facing walls of your home can also insulate against the heat.

  • Address Passive Heating – Passive heating is not your friend when your aim is to keep your home cool. To do away with excessive outdoor heat, go for replacement windows fitted with low-emissivity glass. Window glass with special coatings blocks infrared rays, effectively filtering out heat from the sun without impeding natural light. This means you get to enjoy plenty of natural light without worrying about too much heat.

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