How to Make Your Windows and Doors Safe for Kids

December 26th, 2019 by

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Keeping your home as safe as possible for your children can be as easy as keeping your windows and doors locked and secured. However, many homeowners don’t realize that windows and doors can be risky spots for an inquisitive tot.

Renewal by Andersen® of Portland, your window and door installation experts, shares how to make your windows and doors safer for children.

Pay Attention to Furniture Placement

Don’t position chairs, beds or sofas in areas where they might enable your children to reach the windows. Always place them a short distance away so that they can’t use the furniture as a ladder.

Keep It Locked 

Always keep the windows and patio doors locked and secured when not in use. The last thing you want is for a curious young child to crawl out the window or run out the door and into the backyard unsupervised–or even worse, fall out a window!. For extra security, you may want to consider installing a lock higher up on the door where they can’t reach it.

Mind the Drapes

Curtains in particular make attractive hiding spots for kids when they’re playing. The problem with this is that they may pull on them and cause the curtain rod to fall, injuring them in the process. That’s why you should keep drapes, blinds and cords neatly tucked out of their reach when not in use.

Consider a Window Stopper

Finally, we recommend you invest in a window stopper or guard. These prevent the windows from opening more than a few inches so that your children can’t fall out in the event that they do manage to reach and open the window. Make sure to choose one that fits your window, though, as some are specifically made for certain window styles.

At Renewal by Andersen of Portland, you can count on us to properly install your new replacement windows so that they’re safe and secure. Get in touch with us at (503) 465-8600 to learn more. We install windows and patio doors throughout Portland and Wilsonville.