Natural Light and Replacement Windows

October 8th, 2019 by

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Natural light doesn’t just make interior spaces look more welcoming–it also provides health benefits. Today, Renewal by Andersen® of Portland discusses the benefits of natural lighting and how the right replacement windows can help.

What Natural Light Can Do

First, your body doesn’t differentiate between the light you get directly from the sun outdoors and the sunlight that comes through your replacement windows. This means you can enjoy the benefits of natural light even when you’re indoors. As soon as sunlight hits your skin, your body begins to produce vitamin D, a critical nutrient that aids in the prevention of heart disease, weight gain and certain cancers. Natural light also has an effect on your mood and sleeping patterns, promoting healthier habits overall.

What Your Windows Can Do

The position of your windows is important when it comes to maximizing natural light. Living room windows are best placed facing westward so the afternoon sun can shine in, while bedroom windows should typically face east to allow the soft morning sun to wake you naturally from sleep.

Are There Disadvantages?

The biggest drawback to planning for maximum sunlight is energy efficiency. However, with the right type of glazing on your window replacement units, this isn’t a problem. Not only will this improve your home’s energy efficiency, but it will also give your home all the advantages of natural lighting.

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