The Different Styles of Dormer Windows

April 30th, 2019 by

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Dormer windows are characterized by a small roofed structure protruding directly from the surface of your roof. Most homes choose replacement windows for dormers purely for decorative purposes, but, sometimes, they are also used to increase the height of a room’s ceiling, expanding the limited vertical space of small attics.

Dormers can tread a thin line between adding curb appeal to your home or throwing your style completely out of whack. That’s why it’s important to learn as much as you can about these architectural additions before making a decision. Our design experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Portland offer a few tips to help you get started.

Types of Dormer Windows

There are three main types of dormer windows, but your choice will depend primarily on your home’s overall style.

  • Gabled and hipped — The gable and hips pertain to the construction of the dormer’s roof. If your roofing system is already designed as gabled or hipped, then these dormers can help maintain coherence as far as looks are concerned. Classic window styles such as the double-hung work perfectly with these types of dormers.

  • Segmental and eyebrow — These are dormers with curved roofs. A customized picture window in a hemisphere shape is typically used for these types of dormers. They are commonly used to accentuate the entry or patio doors of a home, serving mainly as a roofed transom window.

  • Flat and shed — Homes with more modern design sensibilities benefit greatly from these types of dormers. They can be a great alternative to a skylight and, if paired with a good set of casement or hinged windows, can also provide any room with natural air and ventilation.

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