The Renewal by Andersen® Winter Window Replacement System

November 16th, 2018 by

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Most homeowners try to finish exterior home improvement projects in the summer or fall while the weather is still nice. But window replacement is one of those few renovation projects that can be done any time of the year – even in the middle of winter – provided you have a contractor who knows what they’re doing. Read on as Renewal by Andersen® of Portland discusses our winter installation system.

The Renewal by Andersen® Winter Window Replacement System

Typical Window Installations

In a typical window installation, the installers go around the house and remove the existing windows. Once all the windows are removed, they begin installing the new ones, one or two at a time depending on the size of the crew. Trim installation may also be done once all the windows are installed.

While this method works well when the weather is favorable, it’s not a great option on a cold winter day. Having too many wall openings means the house will have to be evacuated during the installation, and the HVAC system will have to be off as well. The indoor spaces will be open to dust and moisture. If the project isn’t completed on the first day, the home will only be protected by tarps and plastic, leaving the interior susceptible to rain, wind and even small animals.

Renewal by Andersen’s Winter Installation System

Our window replacement process has the clear advantage over typical window installations. Instead of removing all the windows at the same time, our installers replace the windows one room at a time. We start by sealing off the room we’re working in, so the rest of the home won’t be impacted by the wall opening. A pair of installers – one on each side of the wall – will efficiently install each replacement window before moving on to the next one.

This process lets our team complete even complex, multi-story installations in any season, including the winter. By working on small sections at a time, far less indoor heating escapes your home, reducing the project’s impact on your energy consumption. Our exclusive Fibrex® material expands and contracts evenly under temperature extremes, so it’s less likely to warp. And most importantly, you can immediately enjoy the benefits of your new windows right after installation.

To learn more about our window replacement process, call Renewal by Andersen of Portland today at (503) 419-3960. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation. We serve many areas in and near Vancouver, WA, and Portland, Oregon.