What Makes a Sunroom a Sunroom?

April 17th, 2019 by

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All things considered, sunrooms are fairly simple. They provide your home with an extended living area that can serve as a lounge, a visitor’s space, or, with the right window replacement, a nice and cozy corner to relax and enjoy some sunshine. There are a few different types of sunrooms and you’ll hear different people refer to them by many names: a solarium, a sun porch or even a lanai. No matter what their style is or what they’re called, they all share the same basic requirements.

Let our design experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Portland show you the many qualities that make a room a sunroom so you can get your own sunroom construction started.

Sunroom Basics

The National Sunroom Association defines any room with one or more walls covered by expansive replacement windows as a sunroom. In fact, rooms must have 40% or more of their exteriors covered in a transparent material before they can be considered a sunroom. This allows an abundance of natural lighting to be the focal point of a sunroom’s design.

Planning a Sunroom Addition

Maximizing sunlight is the primary objective when planning a sunroom, however, don’t neglect other aspects that can transform the space into an area for rest, relaxation and recreation as well. These include paying attention to seating options. Homes with a limited floor area can do well with a bay or bow windows with a built-in bench seating to save some space. For larger constructions, you can use lounge chairs and other outdoor seating, too.

Sunroom Heating and Cooling

In most areas, sunrooms are not required to be connected to your home’s HVAC system. Nobody expects to put air conditioning in a sunroom when its primary purpose is to let as much light (and heat) inside as possible. If you’re worried about too much solar heat gain, consider an energy efficient glazing on your window replacement to slightly regulate your sunroom’s indoor temperature.

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