When Does Homeowner’s Insurance Pay for Broken Windows?

August 30th, 2019 by

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With homeowner’s insurance, you can rest easy knowing that many types of damage to your home will be covered. However, it’s important to note that not all instances of damage will be covered. In the case of patio doors and broken windows, here are the situations in which you can count on your homeowner’s insurance for coverage:

When You Have an Open-Peril Policy

Unlike a named-peril policy that outlines specifically what can be covered, an open-peril policy covers damage resulting from different types of peril to a property. This makes it likelier that your broken windows will be covered, unless your policy contains terms particularly excluding the cause of damage you are dealing with.

When You Meet Deductible Requirements

It won’t matter what type of policy you have if you don’t meet the deductible requirement. Most policies have deductibles, with coverage for window and door installation only kicking in once you’ve exceed the deductible.

When You Have Damage Not Due to Normal Wear and Tear

All homeowner’s insurance policies exclude coverage for the usual wear and tear because maintaining your windows is your responsibility. For example, if your window breaks because a storm blew a branch into, you can file for a claim. However, if it breaks because unmaintained seals let in water that froze during winter, resulting in your windowpane cracking, you can expect your insurance company to cite standard wear and tear, making your claim invalid. 

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