Window Replacement: A Closer Look at Insulating Gas Fills

January 22nd, 2019 by

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When investing in window replacement, you need to pay careful attention to the glass package you’re choosing. The glass in your replacement windows can make or break their energy efficiency, not to mention your home’s indoor comfort. At Renewal by Andersen®, all our glass packages include a layer of specialized gas between the window panes for improved insulation and maximum energy efficiency.

Window Replacement: A Closer Look at Insulating Gas Fills

Gas Fills

The primary role of gas fills is to provide an extra layer of insulation for your window. These gas fills are responsible for reflecting much of the sun’s radiant heat and thus boosting your home’s energy efficiency.

The typical gases used as fills in window replacement and construction are argon (Ar) and krypton (Kr). These two elements are both viscous and inert, which means they are heavy and slow-moving while being completely safe. Krypton is a better insulator and is generally more expensive. Argon performs adequately and is more reasonable in cost.

Loss of Insulation

This layer of gas is a window’s primary source of insulation. This means any leakage could cause a noticeable spike in your monthly energy bill. Minimal losses are to be expected as a window naturally ages. In fact, the National Glass Association admits that even at 80% fill, windows can still perform as efficiently as if they were at 100%. Any amount lower than this, however, will begin to compromise the performance of the window.

Fixing Leaks

Unfortunately, gas leaks are difficult to repair and often require a complete window replacement. Determining whether your window has a leak requires a professional inspection, as both krypton and argon are inert gases that require specialized equipment to be detected. There’s no need to worry, however, as both gases are perfectly safe and do not present a hazard to you and your family.

If you suspect that your windows’ insulating gas layer is slowly being depleted, call the professionals at Renewal by Andersen of Portland for a complete inspection and possible replacement. You may reach us at (503) 419-3960 or through our online contact form to request an estimate and schedule a consultation. We serve clients in and around Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA.